Monday, November 25, 2013

Long Time

Honestly, I've avoided getting on here for a long time. I didn't want to face my feelings. I'm way too good at hiding everything in and holding it all in. But now it's that time of year when I can't get you off of my mind...all day! It's hard...every day is hard. Every day is a struggle. I feel so out of place most days. The kids miss you more than ever and talk about you all the time.

A lot has changed. We've settled into our house. It's nice but it will always be missing you. You would love it. We're looking forward to decorating in the next few days. You would have been proud of our Halloween decorations this year. We know how much you love Halloween. We had lasers, fog and music.

I got a new job at Maplebrook. You always wanted me to go back there. The kids are with me too. It's been an adjustment but it's worked out great. We're all so happy being there. We spend a lot of time together. I should have listened to you years ago. God knew where we needed to be and when. It was in His time!

Reagan is big into dance and amazes me everyday with her talent. She's become quite the entertainer in more ways than one. We're working on not being such the class clown. Kaden is big into gymnastics surprise there. He's always had an incredible, out of no where strength. He loves it!! I'm not sure where he gets that from.

We're well taken care of. Our families don't hold back on sharing the love. But we still miss you like crazy. We're praying like crazy that your mom gets to feeling better fast. Her heart has been broken, but we need it fixed because we're not quite ready to share her with you just yet. The kids need her too bad. If you can, put in a word to the big guy! We love you more than anything baby! I love you today...and always!